About Us

Founded by Jivrajbhai Dakhra in 1998, Royal Impex started quite like so many other diamond manufacturing companies in Surat; with the aim to work tirelessly and feed a 25 member joint family and the hope to change their lives. He was joined by his nephews Ramesh Dakhra, Suresh Dakhra and his sons Ajay Dakhra, Hasmukh Dakhra to change the gears and add value to run a modern business empire. All of them focused their efforts in creating an impact in the industry. Today, Royal Impex has ** offices and a large global footprint.

Our team of professionals are adept in carving sparkling wonders out of nature’s hardest substance, providing an alluring finishing touch that will adorn royals for ages. To satisfy the diverse needs of different customers, we develop brilliantly cut versatile diamonds for several purposes. Our in-house grading system (grading/assortment through Sortoscope) for polishing diamonds is aligned to international standards, speaking volumes about our quality levels. Each and every rough diamond that we work on is guaranteed to bring sparkle and shine to every eye that beholds it.

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The Team

Mr. Jivraj Dakhra

Founding Chairman

Mr. Ramesh Dakhra

Managing Director

Mr. Ajay Dakhra

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Suresh Dakhra

Chief Financial Officer