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About Us

Royal Impex

The sparkle in our story began in 1998, not in a grand showroom, but with a family’s vision – Jivrajbhai Dakhra dreamed of transforming the diamond industry and securing a brighter future for his loved ones. With that fire in his heart, and the unwavering support of his nephews, Ramesh Dakhra, Suresh Dakhra, and his sons, Ajay Dakhra and Hasmukh Dakhra, Royal Impex was born.


To be the beacon of excellence in the diamond industry, setting new standards of quality and craftsmanship by revealing the inherent brilliance of every stone.


Our mission is to lead as a global diamond company, offering top-quality, ethically sourced diamonds with innovative craftsmanship, guaranteed traceability, and a commitment to sustainability and integrity, earning your trust and admiration while making a positive impact worldwide


We Are An Organization Driven By Trust And Humility


We strive to foster an environment of creativity in each aspect of our business, ensuring that everyone, from employee to customer takes away something positive from their experience with us.


Our differentiator is the creativity at the heart of our craftsmanship and our cutting edge manufacturing techniques, guaranteed to bring sparkle and shine to every eye that beholds it


We are committed to all stakeholders in our endeavour to create the finest gems possible, to go above and beyond industry standards, working towards one day setting them.


We strongly believe in the power of good and try our best to do as much as we can, both within the company and through our various CSR initiatives.

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