Welcome to Royal Impex

Royal Impex is a veteran diamond manufacturing company known for its impeccable diamonds and innovative approach towards the manufacturing process. Our diamond-manufacturing skills and expertise are evident to our clients who repose their trust with us.

Our team of professionals are adept in carving sparkling wonders out of nature’s hardest substance, providing alluring and a finishing touch that will adorn the royals for ages.

To satisfy the diverse needs of different customers, we develop brilliantly cut versatile diamonds for several purposes. Our in-house grading system (grade/assortment through Sortoscope) for polishing diamonds is aligned to international standards which speak volumes about our quality levels. Each and every rough diamond that we work on is guaranteed to bring the sparkle and shine to every eye that beholds it.

Our operations are based on high-value chiselling treatments transforming them from rough to polished ones. Our rigid controls and experience in diamond manufacturing puts us head above shoulders on the rest of the competition.

Royal Impex has a strong presence in several regions, while we also take great interest in expanding further. Our experience lies in the development and implementation of several tools and technologies which drive us in the making of -11 & star diamonds with the addition of SOWABLE /MB -5+3, +5-7 diamonds. Our adherence to international standards and best practices gives us the required edge in our business too.