With several years of experience and expertise in the diamond industry, Royal Impex has managed to have a huge fleet of professionals who share the knowledge and manifest in bringing the company forward. We have an in-house grading system for diamonds with the help of the sortoscope which is on par with the best of the industry. With the processes, we drive clarity and precision which would not be evident through the naked eye. At Royal Impex, every rough diamond is carved, cut, polished and shimmered to bring the best quality out.

Each and every manufacturing process in Royal Impex is impacted by the latest trends industry while maintaining standards which guarantee that each diamond is subjected to high-quality treatment. With several process controls and operational policies in place, all professionals are expected to follow the procedure as strictly recommended by the managers of the company.

We tend to clients who are unique and also have special wants. We keep our engagement models flexible to accommodate our clients and also maintain a single point of contact to reduce hassles.

We aspire to provide precisely what you want, and also with the medium that you are comfortable with. We aim to satisfy clients only with the help of high-quality products, since we believe in fulfilling your desires and needs. Our competitive prices and in-time delivery methods never create hassles while maintaining our selection of assorted diamonds. Here is a brief about our services:

• Fully equipped diamond testing labs for viewing and cutting
• Soft color décor and managed lighting so that diamond’s color effects are not affected
• 10x eye glass, tweezers, fluorescent checking lamps and other equipment for assessing diamonds
• Free consultation by sales workforce
• Advanced communication tools available for consistency and accuracy
• Reasonable and cost-effective prices
• Memo is printed according to 20” VGS parameters for understanding procedures