Diamond Education

Royal Impex trains budding professionals with diamond cutting and polishing skills to serve as its principal workforce. We train our employees for processing rough diamonds especially two-cut ones into polished sparkling gems which radiate in watches and jewellery.

Our professionals are trained to process different types of traditional diamonds in diverse patterns which suit the artifacts where they are embedded. The workers and employees are trained with the sortoscope to check with shine and carat quality with its cuts. Each of our diamonds retain distinctive look which is known all over the market.

We also introduce different refinements depending on the market conditions and also usher in new trends in the processes. We are constantly updated with the different operations which are prevalent in the best diamond cutting and manufacturing companies. We strive to deliver enhanced cut angles for better brilliance and also involve an addition in cost and popularity.

Personal tastes dictate the trends in the diamond market and our exports have been in accordance with the visible interest patterns.