About Us

M/s. Royal Impex is a partnership firm which was established in the year 1999 and is engaged in import, manufacturing and export of cut & polished diamonds. Our rough manufacturing services include cutting and polishing of two-cut diamonds, with focus on cutting smaller size diamonds viz. -2. At the company, we are wholly committed to the provision of high-quality diamonds which are used in jewellery as well as watches at extremely reasonable prices. Our exports are concentrated in Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Royal Impex has its own manufacturing unit in Mumbai / Surat occupying about 23850 Sq.ft of space and employing around 1500 workers. We are aided by an expert team of procurement experts and professionals who are keen to incorporate the best policies and operational patterns which are prevalent in the industry. We do not forsaking our international quality standards for the manufacture of non-certified loose diamonds. Our customers hail from different parts of the country and generally continue to be our customers because of our attachment to quality and innovation.

We are also one of the leading diamond manufacturing companies, which scales its production every month and strive to boost it on an annual basis too maintaining the standards that we set. The diamonds that are produced in our magnificent diamond manufacturing facility delivers five different grades of diamonds with marvellous sheen and shine.

To top it all, our efficient marketing team is alert and efficient in meeting and attending individual customers without failing to get a firm follow-up and backup in case of any emergency. Our quality control team never fails to raise the bar when setting the standards and makes sure that the diamonds live up to them. We at Royal Impex work extremely hard to maintain our image and reputation since we are aware that our clients and customers expect the same standard every time.

Each of the diamonds reflects the hard work and the brilliance that is associated with each of our skilled professionals. We do not compromise on precision and expect each one of the artisans in our workforce is a crazy perfectionist who can never be complacent in their attitude. Due to their quality and consistency, business has grown substantially and expected to further grow in the coming years. And that is testimony to what Royal Impex strives for – perfection!